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            DYS submerged vertical mortar pump

            DYS submerged vertical mortar pump is a vertical single-stage and single-suction cantilever type centrifugal pump, with no submerged bearing or sealing. The impeller is semi-open, twisted or energy-saving type.
            The pump is applied to industries of environmental protection, new building materials, coal washing, municipal engineering, electricity, coal gas coking, refining, petroleum, steel making, mines, paper making, cement, food, printing and dyeing, etc. for pumping strong liquid, heavy oil, oil dregs, filthy liquid, slurry, mortar, quicksand and flowing quicksand in urban sewers. It can also be applied to industry of chemistry and medicine for pumping fluid with sediments and dregs and corrosive liquid. Under the condition of long-time termination of pumping, configuration adopting a stirring device can be chosen to prevent slurry sedimentation when the submerged depth is ≤3,000mm.
            According to different media pumped, DYS submerged vertical mortar pump is provided with various wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant flow passage components made from Cr15M03, Cr26, Cr28, Cr30, 2Cr13, etc. The pump adopts: 1. direct type connection; 2. belt type connection. Viewed from the direction of the motor, the pump should rotate clockwise and reversal is prohibited.

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