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            DGL vertical pipeline mortar pump

            DGL vertical pipeline mortar pump adopts fixed cantilever type structure, with no bearing or shaft sealing at the impeller. It adopts integrated sealing component to stop slurry from flowing back into the bearing, improving the service life of bearing. The pump is directly connected with the slurry tank through pipeline to be used. It solves the problem that a horizontal pump is easy to leak and the problem that a submerged mortar pump cannot be mounted to a mall stirring tank. The temperature of pumped media should be 80℃  .The pump is provided with various wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant flow passage components made from Cr15M03, Cr26, Cr28, Cr30 and 2Cr13, etc. It adopts direct type connection. Viewed from the direction of the motor, the pump should rotate clockwise and reversal is prohibited.

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