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            Approval opinions on the environmental impact report of the upgrading and reconstruction project of slurry pump production line and supporting spray booth of Shandong Dabo Pump Technology Co., Ltd

            Visits:        Time:2021-08-17

            Shandong Dabo Pump Technology Co., Ltd.:
            We have received the environmental impact report of slurry pump production line and supporting spray booth upgrading and reconstruction project (prepared by Shandong Liangshi Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.), and put forward the following opinions according to the EIA documents:
            1、 Basic information of the project
            The existing paint booth project of Shandong Dabo Pump Technology Co., Ltd. was approved by our bureau in 2017 (bohuanshen Zi [2017] No. 2036), and passed the independent acceptance in January 2018. In order to further improve the product competitiveness and the characteristics that the water-based paint can not be used in winter, can not obtain high-quality paint film and can not meet the quality standard due to the particularity of the product, it is proposed to build the slurry pump production line and the supporting paint booth upgrading and reconstruction project, which is located at No. 17, South Ring Road, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, with a total investment of 1 million yuan, including an environmental protection investment of 20000 yuan, Covering an area of 5465.8 square meters, it is a technical transformation project. After the technical transformation of the project, the original paint booth will be upgraded to realize classified painting of different models of products. After the technical transformation, 2.53 tons of paint will be used annually, and production equipment such as machining center, lathe, traveling crane and air compressor will be added. After the completion of the project, the production scale of the whole plant will remain unchanged, with an annual production of 3750 slurry pumps and 3000 spraying pumps and accessories.
            It is agreed that your unit shall carry out the project construction according to the nature, location, scale, production technology or pollution prevention and control measures of the construction project listed in the environmental impact assessment.
            2、 The project must focus on the implementation of various environmental protection measures and the following requirements proposed in the report form:
            (1) The project relies on the existing plant without civil engineering. During the operation of the project, we must strictly abide by the current environmental protection laws and regulations, strengthen management, ensure the normal operation of environmental protection facilities and ensure the stable and up to standard discharge of pollutants; Direct coal-fired facilities shall not be built or used, and backward production capacity equipment eliminated by the State shall not be used.
            (2) The production of the project must be carried out in the closed workshop. The batching, painting and drying processes of the project must be carried out in the closed painting room. The waste gas of the project is mainly paint batching, painting and drying

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