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            Environmental protection acceptance opinions on the completion of slurry pump production line and supporting painting room upgrading and reconstruction project of Shandong Dabo Pump Technology Co., Ltd

            Visits:        Time:2021-08-17

            On August 3, 2020, Shandong Dabo Pump Technology Co., Ltd. strictly followed relevant national laws and regulations, technical guidelines for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects, pollution impact category, according to the monitoring report on environmental protection acceptance of slurry pump production line and supporting spray booth upgrading and transformation project and in accordance with the Interim Measures for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects The old environmental impact report form of the project and the approval opinions of the approval department (bohuanshen Zi [2020] No. 143) require the acceptance of the project, and the acceptance opinions are as follows:
            1、 Basic information of project construction
            (1) Construction site, scale and main construction contents the construction site of the project is located at No. 17, South Ring Road, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. The nature of the construction is reconstruction and expansion. The main construction contents are: divide the existing paint booth into North and South compartments to realize classified painting of different models of products, and add oily paint to some models of painting; at the same time, build a slurry pump production line and add one processing center 3 lathes, 1 traveling crane, 1 air compressor, etc.: environmental protection works mainly include: 1 set of "isolation paperboard + filter cotton ↑ plasma + photocatalysis + activated carbon cotton + activated carbon adsorption" device, hazardous waste temporary storage room, - unit solid waste temporary storage place, septic tank, sound insulation and noise reduction facilities, etc. After the completion of the project, the production scale of the whole plant will remain unchanged, with an annual output of 3750 sets of slurry pumps and 3000 sets of spraying pumps and accessories, of which 1000 sets of spraying pumps and accessories will be added, and 1000 sets of oily finish paint will be sprayed in winter.
            (2) Construction process and environmental protection approval
            The environmental impact report of the project was prepared by Shandong Liangshi Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. in May 2020 and approved by Boshan branch of Zibo Ecological Environment Bureau on June 8, 2020 (bohuanshen Zi [2020] No. 143). The project was completed and put into operation in June 2020. All environmental protection facilities were completed and commissioned. The project has gone through the sewage discharge registration certificate (Registration No.: 913703047292482970012), Since the construction of the project, there has been no environmental report, complaint and punishment.
            (3) Investment situation
            The actual total investment of the project is 1 million yuan, including 20000 yuan for environmental protection, accounting for 2% of the total investment.

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